Ceremony & Reception


Both Ceremony and Reception will take place at the same location, at the James J. Hill reference library in St. Paul, MN.

Date: Sunday May 25th, 2014 (Memorial Day Weekend)
Ceremony: 5pm CST
(Cocktail hour to follow)
Reception: 6:30pm CST

James J. Hill Reference Library
80 4th St W, St Paul, MN 55102


Getting there

MSP is the local airport, and only a short drive away from downtown St. Paul. If you’re booking airline tickets, as much as we hate to say it, Bing Travel (*cough, cough*) has a pretty good fare estimator tool that can help you figure out if you’re getting the best deal or if you should wait. But feel free to research there and then book through other channels. We encourage you to book all your reservations early since it is a holiday weekend! :)

If you're not able to make it to the ceremony - no worries! We know you’ll be celebrating with us in spirit. If you’re on the West Coast, we’ll be hosting an informal second reception out in San Francisco a couple of weeks after the wedding. We'll also try and livestream the wedding on this site if possible.


Where to stay

We have negotiated rates with two hotels within walking distance of the ceremony and reception. Note that these are negotiated rates and not room blocks - you'll be getting a discount but the rooms are still first-come-first-served to anyone and it is a holiday weekend. Book early!

St Paul Hotel (Trip Advisor, Distance from Ceremony)
Reservations by phone*: 651-292-9292
* only way to register with our negotiated rate

Doubletree St. Paul (Trip Advisor, Distance from Ceremony)
Reservations by phone: 1-651-291-8800
Reservations online


What to do


St. Paul Minneapolis



Love in the Time of Code

Tyler and Laura met in early 2010 while wrangling software products at Google. Walking to a bar one evening with a group of friends, Laura convinced Tyler to join her on a camping trip that Memorial Day weekend by promising to teach him how to throw knives.

In Henry Coe State Park, Laura and Tyler bonded over hot cocoa and a shared distrust of mushrooms. They talked all day and found a new appreciation for each other’s interests and love of exploring new ideas. By the end of the weekend, both were smitten with each other. They never did get around to knife throwing.

It wasn't long before they had moved in together into an apartment in San Francisco. They played games, watched movies, learned yoga and hosted parties. They read each other poetry, took up archery and skateboarding. They balanced each other out and they made each other laugh.

Together they adopted two kittens (Laura's first) and taught them about laser pointers and how to fist-bump. Coyote and Fox were unavailable to comment, but may be presumed to approve on the basis of purring.

Laura and Tyler spent a few blissful years together falling for each other more every day. Finally, on a Valentine's trip to Big Sur Laura somehow tricked Tyler into an 8 mile hike fording across a river and climbing a small mountain. Halfway through the hike, Laura finally made good on the promise to teach Tyler to throw knives.

Obviously with that Tyler knew it was time to put a ring on it. A few minutes later, the trail turned out over a cliff surrounded by coastline. Tyler went down on one knee
and asked Laura to spend the rest of their lives together. In a rare but at this point
not wholly surprising lapse in judgment, Laura said yes.

We'll always remember it as the day Tyler learned to throw a knife.

- Tyler and Laura

Love in the Time of Code

Like a boss

In 2009 Laura and Tyler met through a mutual ginger. Laura promised to teach Tyler how to throw knives, so they became friends and went camping. The thing is, the campsite was super far away.

"Not to worry!" said Tyler, hoisting the cooler onto his shoulders and hardly wincing at all. "I will carry this with my many muscles."

"Whoa!" said Laura. "What a fine muscles! Imma have to date that."


Kissy times ensued.

Going Steady

Later during the Google APM trip, Tyler turned to Laura in the streets of Tokyo.

"Clarifying question," he asked. "Are we like, dating dating?"

Laura rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I guess."

"NO TAKEBACKS!" yelled Tyler, confusing nearby Japanese people. Tyler is always confusing Japanese people.

Put a ring on it

The time had come to lock it down, so Tyler returned to the natural beauty of the California state park system to once again distract Laura's better judgement. Deep into the wilderness they travelled, to a land of only two bars and no wifi.

To prove his worth as a mate, he hiked eight miles, forged a river and finally learned to throw knives.

In fact, we'll always remember it as the day he learned to throw a knife.


There’s no obligation for you to participate in our registry, since coming to our wedding is by far the most important gift you could give us. But if you feel like supporting some of the things below, you’ll be contributing to causes and experiences we care deeply about. If you do choose to give, be sure to tell us about it! You can either use the form below or we'll have a place for cards at the wedding. — Laura & Tyler

Give Directly

Sometimes the simplest gifts are the most profound ones. Laura and I are both big believers in the importance of evidence and data based methodologies. Nobody embodies this better than Give Directly, who have very thorough research backing up their belief that direct cash infusions have substantial long term benefits, especially for children. — Tyler

California State Parks

Laura and I had our first date in Henry Coe State Park and I proposed to her on a cliffside hike in Andrew Molera State Park. We've spent many happy hours hiking, picnicking and enjoying the phenomenal natural beautify of California. Unfortunately California's environmental grace and beauty is not mirrored in their budgeting processes, so these amazing parks often struggle to stay open. A gift to the California State Park association helps make sure that we can keep hiking for years to come. — Tyler

Anita Borg Institute

Both Tyler and I strongly believe in growing the next generation of strong, empowered women. Without a strong community of women in technology to look up to, I might not be working for Google today, and then I never would have met Tyler. By supporting the Anita Borg Foundation you’ll be growing the next generation of female technologists, and helping future generations of nerds find each other and fall in love. — Laura


Tyler and I often listen to public radio while on our way to work and when we go on road trips. Not only does the morning news fill us with conversation topics for parties, we also love listening to programs like This American Life and The Current from Minnesota Public Radio (check out their streaming music service next time you’re looking for something new for your ears). A gift to NPR will contribute to the ongoing existence of fantastic, non-profit radio programming and keep us conversationally interesting for years to come. — Laura


Our two kittens, Coyote and Fox, bring us a lot of joy and fuzziness. However, there are many animals that don’t have the luxury of all the cuddles, and instead they struggle to get the care they need and find a home. By supporting SFSPCA, you’ll be helping the San Francisco community of animals stay healthy and find homes. Coyote and Fox say thankya. — Tyler & Laura

St Judes

While kids are a ways off for us, Tyler and I hope that our children are healthy when the time comes. There are lots of families faced with the reality that their children aren’t as healthy as hoped, and often need help with either care or research to get their children healthy again. We consider a donation to St. Judes Children’s Hospital a down-payment on the health of our children and all children for the future. — Laura